Maximizing a Student's Rate of Learning

Through his experiences teaching students labeled “Basic” over a ten-year period, Daniel Barnum (the founder of Barnum Software) learned firsthand how to motivate kids to learn. He knew that the barriers to learning begin to drop when students can see proof of their improvement quickly, receive meaningful positive reinforcement for their successes, and, are having fun, among other factors.

What Daniel learned from his classroom “laboratory,” as well as research conducted by others, has helped us develop ten factors to maximize a student’s rate of learning. In fact, we’ve created a short video describing them. While the video describes these factors in the context of The Quarter Mile Math, we believe they can be applied to any educational tool, including software programs, books, videos, manipulatives, websites, etc.—even different teaching techniques. We’ve also found that these ten factors apply to students regardless of whether they are working below grade level, on grade level, or above.

You’ll find the video on the How it Works > Benefits page. We hope you find the ideas in the video helpful for assessing all of your teaching tools.

“The kids really, really love it.... They ask me every day, “Can we play it?”
Pam Drozd, Homeschooling parent, Naperville, IL
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