A Core Curriculum Learning Tool
The Quarter Mile Math is full of great features to help your child learn math fast.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Integrates all major learning modalities—visual, auditory, and tactile—in a meaningful, educational way
  • Topics meet students' individual needs
  • Many topics adjust automatically as the student's response indicates he or she is ready to advance
  • Appeals equally well to boys and girls, older and younger students
  • Perfect for school and multi-school tournaments (See For Teachers)
  • Student progess tracking; printable scores
  • Random problem selection

Students Working Below Grade Level
Topics Covered

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“We can all use [the Deluxe Version] at once—huge…. The Quarter Mile is by far the best, most user-friendly, most versatile, most complete. I’ve been recommending Quarter Mile to a lot of people…. I love all the different skill levels…. not forced into a skill

level with the order determined by someone who doesn’t know your kid. The record-keeping makes homeschool use a lot easier—accountability, tracking over time.”

Sarah Lang, Homeschooling parent, Watertown, CT

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