How It Works Overview

The Self-Competitive Race is Really Exciting!

The Quarter Mile Math motivates students of all ages and the broadest abilities to do an incredible number of mental math problems at their fastest possible rate. No other program enables students to do as much math per minute for such extended periods of time. Topics cover kindergarten to pre-algebra (K-9)—depending on the product.

Off to the Races!

When a student answers a problem correctly, the next one appears instantly. Correct answers accelerate their car or riderless horse in real time as they race against their previous best five races. They see their progress race after race after race.

Two Versions to Meet Your Needs

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Deluxe Version

  • Additional student
    progress tracking features
  • All topics in the entire product line—K-9th grade
  • Only $2.95 per family per month

Standard CD Version

  • Six different math programs
    to choose from
  • One-time purchase

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"I've never seen kids take to a program like this.... I was totally impressed.... The enthusiasm is catching."

Dr. Monica Gaddis, Parent, Yorktown, IN

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