Students Working Below Grade Level

Math Help for Students Needing Extra Support

The Quarter Mile is perfect for those working below grade level whether they are simply needing review or remediation or are Special ed., Special Needs, At-Risk, or Title 1. Below are listed links to videos that speak to how it helps students who are struggling in addition to listing other ways in which it’s a very effective tool.

Why the format is so effective

Ten factors that can maximize a student’s rate of learning

How it addresses the emotional component of learning math

How it detects the smallest improvements in math

Four key benefits to using it

Pace set by the student. They get the next problem only after they type in a correct answer.

Early rewards. Because the initial competitors are designed to be very slow, the student usually wins his first races. These rewards motivate the student to continue.

Achievable progress. Self-competition creates a comfort level that encourages the student to keep playing and improving his performance.

Focused practice and monitored progress. Students work in a specific, very focused skill level. The student's progress can be tracked day by day.

Constant positive reinforcement. The cars or riderless horses never slow down because of a wrong answer. There are no penalties or other discouraging features. Since the program tallies only his top five races, if he comes in last, that race isn't counted. His top five average can never get worse.

Confidence and self-esteem built through achievement. As mentioned above, the program registers even the smallest improvement which would be imperceptible if the student was using any other media. These successes continue to build the confidence and self-esteem.

Long term gains. The continuous practice provided by the Quarter Mile necessarily improves the player's fluency in math. Thus, he is able to apply these improved skills and realize his maximum potential.

 “He did a 360 by using this Quarter Mile. He went from 5th grade to 9th grade in about five months. I really appreciate it.”
Rhonda Newman, Parent, King, NC

"I'm a Title 1 teacher and I love this program."

Barbara Bowen, Chico, CA

From an educator of students with severe disabilities:
“It's a great program. The students love it. It's age-appropriate.”
Nancy Thompson, Perris Union High School District, Perris, CA

"Absolutely the best piece of math software that we have.... Even our most unmotivated students (including [Title 1], at risk, etc.) want to give up their lunch time to play The Quarter Mile."

Mary White, Teacher, Redondo Beach, CA

"I have special ed. It works so well for my kids and it's fun. This is the first time my kids know their multiplication tables."

Karin Paustell, Educator, Cyprus, CA

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