Product Comparison

Deluxe Version Standard CD Version
$2.95 per family per month
$19.95 per family per year
$34.95 per family for two years
One-time purchase–prices range from $39.95 to $89.95 depending on the grade range.

Has all 323 topics in the entire product line and all 70,000+ problems

Covers K through 9th grade (pre-algebra)
7 different Quarter Mile Math products to choose from covering different grade ranges. (See products)
Up to 12 family members can use it. All family members can use it.

Student progress tracking features

  • Tracks a student's progress over time automatically.
  • Has a single screen that shows...
    • All topics in which the student has practiced.
    • Their chronological progress in each topic.
    • The number of races completed daily in each topic plus grand totals.
    • The number of correct answer completed daily in each topic plus grand totals.

Student progress tracking features

  • A student’s progress can be tracked over time.
Multiple students can use it on different computers simultaneously.* Can be installed on multiple computers but only one student can use it at a time.
Students can be in real-time tournaments with other family members on multiple computers.* Even a sibling or grandparent out-of-state can participate! Students can take turns competing in a topic during a tournament.
Free upgrades. $10 upgrades.
Program can be downloaded. Ordering a CD backup is optional. Comes on a CD that is shipped to you.
Internet connection required but students never go to the web. Students scores are automatically saved to Barnum Software’s Quarter Mile Math server.
Minimum connection: dial-up.
No internet connection needed. Student scores are saved onto your computer(s).
* DSL or cable (broadband) is required for this feature

“We love it…. My kids are loving it.... They’re fighting over the computer.... You guys did a great job on the program.”
Connie Bunyard,
Homeschooling mother
Queen Creek, AZ

“We use it all the time. We just love it. I have nine kids.”
Sherrie Janzen,
Homeschooling mother
Eola Hills, OR

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