Results of Independent Testing Done on the Quarter Mile Math Software

The Education Department at Sonoma State University in California did an independent research study to determine the effectiveness of the Quarter Mile Math practice software. Below are excerpts from their findings.

  • Our treatment group improved 35% from pretest to post tests while our control group improved only 14% from pretest to post test and this across different teachers and different schools.
  • The more the students used the program, the more the students gained in their math abilities...
  • ...all students who completed all tests and for whom we have computer time data increased in their math abilities from the beginning of the study to the end of the study.
  • ...the relationship between the amount of time students spent using the computer and their gain scores were significant.
  • ...a comparison of the amount of time that the students used the program versus their gain scores reflects the tendency of the program to influence student learning.
  • When the students were using the program, they would become engrossed in the races. For example, one child sat at the edge of his seat with both hands on the numeric pad of the keyboard completely focused on the race.
  • The students did not view this as a math drill and practice program, they viewed the program as a fun game.
  • All students stated that they liked the program and that they were learning.

"It's amazing.... We've seen an improvement in their math skills in the short amount of time we've had it. Great software like this really helps us out in our homeschooling.”
Steve Ellis, Homeschooling parent, Tulsa, OK

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