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Chosen for use in all 1,300 Sylvan Learning CentersThe Quarter Mile Math programs offer a single solution to all of your mental math practice needs. The programs’ award-winning design can maximize the students rate of learning in addition to their productivity and is proven to:

Help Students With the Widest Range of Abilities
Provide Needed Encouragement to Students Needing Support
Offer Accelerated Students an Incredible Challenge

Proven and Trusted by Educators Everywhere

The Quarter Mile Math, with its simple self-competitive format, motivates students to do an incredible number of math problems in a short period of time. Plus, they love it. It can maximize their productivity and their rate of learning. It can detect the smallest improvements and give them positive feedback in the form of improved scores. It can even address the emotional component to learning math.

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“I told my principal that it’s non-negotiable: If you want me, I have to have this software.”
Bob Pratt, Assistant Principal, Palm Beach County School District, FL
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