Parent Testimonials

Five hearts-highest rating from Mary Pride "The Quarter Mile series is the best math drill software we have ever seen.... I cannot praise [it] too highly. This is the software the Pride kids use every day.... One of our computers always has the Quarter Mile on it.... The kids one after another come and use it during the day.... It has worked wonderfully for us.... It sped up their computation speed amazingly.... Since we got [The Quarter Mile], I haven't spent a second on flash card drills for math." Mary Pride, Practical Homeschooling Magazine & Pride's Guide to Educational Software
Mary Pride, Practical Homeschooling Magazine & Pride's Guide to Educational Software

Mathematics Company of the Year
Old Schoolhouse Magazine

"All three of my girls are using it.... It's a fantastic program."
Jill Lavilla, Homeschooling parent, Acworth, GA

"We absolutely love it.... We cannot do school without it.... We use it every day.... I recommend it to all my friends that homeschool.... It's so much better than flash cards.... They love this.... We're very glad that we purchased this."
Kephanie Chen, Homeschooling parent, Ringgold, GA

"We love it.... All six of us."
Jerome Perlstrom, Homeschooling parent, Brooklyn NY

"There's so much in it.… We can use it for years…. My kids won't leave it alone."
Mary Olsen, Homeschooling parent, Pendleton, OR

"The kids love it... After a half an hour, she knew the [3's] tables... My son is a whiz because of [The Quarter Mile.]"
Linda Pennino, Homeschooling parent, Lynn, MA

"I Homeschool my seven oldest grandchildren (grades K-8). They just love this software!... The five year old is already working on 3+ addition. That was learned just by watching the other children and not because of any formal instruction. I'm really impressed!"
Kay Assam, Homeschooling grandparent, Sioux Falls, SD

"There just isn't anything on the market that increases computational speed the way [The Quarter Mile] does. I use it with all of my children-from 1st grade through 7th."
Connie Brzowski, Homeschooling parent, La Porte, TX

“He did a 360 by using this Quarter Mile. He went from 5th grade to 9th grade in about five months. I really appreciate it. The CD has been a blessing.”
Rhonda Newman, Parent, King, NC

"The girls are loving it. We're really enjoying it.... They're having a great time."
Susan Maxfield, Homeschooling parent, Bothell, WA

It's been a blessing for our family.... It's very comprehensive. It's just so broad."
Terry Pittman, Homeschooling parent, Sarasota, FL

We love it… This is honestly one of the best things we've bought because it works for all of them…. The children are eager to play…. not been frustrating… nothing but laughter and fun… an efficient item to buy for the price because it covers so many areas.”
Toni Pittman (not related to Terry Pittman (above) from Florida), Homeschooling parent, Bevier, MO

"I've depended on Quarter Mile Math.… We've loved it."
Misty Smith, Homeschooling parent, Pell City, AL

"We can't survive without your Quarter Mile in school."
Debbie Krahn, Homeschooling parent, Langdon, ND

"I'm a believer in it…. It has made a world of difference in my children's computing skills."
Cherry Casella, Homeschooling parent, Spring, TX

"We have five of them using it."
Gwen Kneuer, Homeschooling parent, Laconia, NH

"I have six kids working on it. They absolutely love it."
Theresa Ferri, Pembroke, Ont., Canada

"These girls are loving it."
Koosah Johnston, Cararillo, CA

"My kids just absolutely love it.... They fell in love with it.... My seven year old was learning concepts I couldn't get across any other way.... Definitely the best program [I have].... I'm recommending it to everybody."
Becky Fitchett, Homeschooling parent, Springfield, IL

"They love the game. They fight over which one will get to play it next.... This is the best way I've found to drill kids on their math facts without tears."
Kei Laliberte, Homeschooling parent, Poway, CA

"We (our whole family) love your software. This will definitely help me in homeschooling our girls. Thank you."
Mrs. Farlow, Homeschooling parent, Singapore

"You did more for my son than any other piece of software."
Vicki Sharp, Parent, Camarillo, CA

"Our little guy is six...and is doing third grade math.... We love it, love it , love it."
Kim McLay, Homeschooling parent, Cocoa Beach, FL

"The kids really, really love it.... They ask me every day, "Can we play it?""
Pam Drozd, Homeschooling parent, Naperville, IL

"Thank you for the great product. We use it all the time."
Vivian McNeme, Homeschooling parent, Hungry Horse, MT

"The kids love it."
Tammy Mueller, Homeschooling parent, Port Charlotte, NC

"It's amazing.... We've seen an improvement in their math skills in the short amount of time we've had it. Great software like this really helps us out in our homeschooling."
Steve Ellis, Homeschooling parent, Tulsa, OK

"We're going great guns in math and we're loving it.... No more plodding along."
Lisa Allen, Homeschooling parent, Encino, CA

"I think it's the greatest thing in the world.... My six year old was on it for four hours straight."
Tina Bishop, Homeschooling parent, Spokane, WA

"It's a tremendous drill. Everyone really likes it."
Don May, Homeschooling parent, Leon, KS

"They love it. We recommend it to all sorts of people. We are thrilled with [it].... I stand behind your product."
Charlie Lystrup, Homeschooling parent, Cypress, CA

“We’ve seen significant improvement in both…. It’s the first thing they do in the morning.”
Michael Misner-Elias, Homeschooling parent, St. Paul, MN

“We love it. It’s great software…. They’ve really made a lot of progress.”
Gina Ledford, Homeschooling parent, Canal Winchester, OH

“I have six children…. It really is great. Wonderful drill work. They love it. We’re so thankful for it.” Trisha Poff, Homeschooling parent, Edgewood, NM

“We love your program…. I have a couple of non-math kids. They do it without realizing they’re doing math.”
Karen Brentlinger, Homeschooling parent, Williamson, GA

“We can all use [the Deluxe Version] at once—huge…. The Quarter Mile is by far the best, most user-friendly, most versatile, most complete. I’ve been recommending Quarter Mile to a lot of people…. I love all the different skill levels…. not forced into a skill level with the order determined by someone who doesn’t know your kid. The record-keeping makes homeschool use a lot easier—accountability, tracking over time.
Sarah Lang, Homeschooling parent, Watertown, CT

“We love the Quarter Mile. We’ve used it for years. We use it every day…. If I could have only one piece of software with our homeschool, it would be this one.”
Eva Eagan, Homeschooling parent, Stevensville, MI

“I LOVE your program. And best of all, my kids like it even better!”
Gregg Baitlinger, Homeschooling parent, Berkeley Springs, WV

“They all love it…. [My two-year-old] thought it was fantastic…. It works for the whole family regardless of their age.”
Jennifer Meyer, Homeschooling parent, Pleasand Hill, MO

“They just love it…. They’re so into it”
Mimi Caban, Homeschooling parent, Huntington, MA

“It was a hit…. The kids had a ball with it.”
Jody Lang, Homeschooling parent, Westminster, CO

“We love it. It’s great.”
Julie Otto, Homeschooling parent, Gridley, IL

“She loves it…. She has a ball doing it…. She has a great time doing it.”
Craig Ross, Homeschooling parent, Livermore, CA

“I love it…. I’ve recommended it.”
Cheryl Crain, Homeschooling parent, Leuver, MN

“My children love it.”
Kathleen DeSmet, Homeschooling parent, Minneota, MN

“I love it…. I have highly recommended it to a ton of other people.”
Shalyn Sanford, Homeschooling parent, Lakebay, WA

"They all love it. They're having a great time with it."
Nancy Wheatley, Homeschooling parent, Wahiaha, HI

“I love it.”
Danielle King, Parent, Corvallis, OR

“It’s absolutely wonderful”
Theresa Carr, Homeschooling parent, Baltic, CT

“They’re lovin’ it.”
Jennifer Smith, Homeschooling parent, Greencastle, IN

“He’s loving it.”
Sue Ann Shore, Homeschooling parent,Whitmore Lake, MI

“I love it…. They all use it. It’s a fun way to learn.”
Greg Bodine, Homeschooling parent, Prescott, AZ

“My kids love it. They can’t get enough of Quarter Mile.”
Michelle W., Homeschooling parent, Spokane, WA

"The it. I'm thrilled with it.... They think of it as fun instead of just school... They do it even when they don't have to. We appreciate people putting out quality products. That's what we look for." Debra Hash, Homeschooling parent, Arvada, CO

"The kids love it; beg to play it. This is the best math drill I've come across... It's been amazing how much they've improved in a week."
Judy Manna, Homeschooling parent, Belle Fourche, SD

"It's a great program. I recommend it to all the homeschoolers."
Quin Bunner, Homeschooling parent, Nisland, SD

"He loves it.... It's not like something I have to make him do. I have to get him off the computer so I can use it."
Tilly Copley, Homeschooling parent, San Antonio, TX

"I see a big improvement in my second grader since [we got the Quarter Mile.]... He really loves it.... It's really worth it.... I don't have to ask him; he gets right on it.... He was having trouble with his computations. Now he's not. Whatever he's doing on [the Quarter Mile] is transferring over."
Megan Vance, Homeschooling parent, Natrona Heights, PA

"I've seen such his math ability."
Kathy Waldrup, Homeschooling parent, Knoxville, TN

"My seventh grade son...just couldn't get the hang of [positive and negative numbers]. I said, 'Go play the Quarter Mile integers.' He played for two weeks and now, no problem with integers."
Brenda Sovereign, Homeschooling parent, Waterford, Ontario, Canada

"I have four different grade levels.... They just loved it."
Corinne Oberlin, Homeschooling parent, Corvallis, OR

"My kids just loooove this program.... It's a great program."
Roxanna Wehrly, Homeschooling parent [Six of her children use it.], Vancouver, WA

"[My three year old] could do the single digit keyboarding.... I had to drag her away. She was very thrilled...very excited.... We have a great tool here."
Trudy Hamrick, Parent, Lindale, TX

“My kids love the program…. My three-year-old keyboards with it. It helps him learn his numbers…. I recommend it to all the other homeschoolers.”
Linda Knowles, Homeschooling parent, Ocean Shores, WA

“We love it…. It’s the highlight of our math program…. We’re happy.”
Cindy Woodcock, Sachse, TX

"I tell everybody about it.... It really solved a lot of problems."
Leonette Gray, Homeschooling parent, Mons, Belgium

"They're having so much fun. Thank you so much for making it.... That's what we've been looking for. There's a lot of joy over here. They're excited."
Kim Chavarria, Homeschooling parent, Bryan, TX

"We love your program—all eight kids."
Janene Gerl, Homeschooling parent, Long Beach, CA

"Just love the program.... Their speed has improved measurably.... I recommend it every person I know in the area who's homeschooling."
Denise Turley, Homeschooling parent, Auke Bay, AK

"I tried the Sampler and my kids absolutely love it."
Robin Brown, Homeschooling parent, Las Vegas, NY

"I really love the program."
Daniel Mills, Homeschooling parent, Emmaus, PA

"I love it."
Kim Kalliomaa, Montecello, MN

"We love the program."
Sue Anne Douglas, Homeschooling parent, Lexington, KY

"It's great. I love it."
Cynthia Brown, Homeschooling parent, San Bruno, CA

"My daughter loves it."
Faith Stewart, Homeschooling parent, Bellingham, WA

"We love it."
Amanda Ball, Homeschooling parent, Laurel, MD

"I'm excited to share your product with others!!... I have told many homeschooling friends about your excellent software and have had one order the sample CD already. She told me yesterday that her family loves it and she will be ordering the software soon!!... Thank you for your excellent product!! It makes math fun!! We love the competitive nature of the program and have found it to be as much fun for the parents as it is for he kids!!
Kathy Gogolakis, Homeschooling parent, Tulsa, OK

"We love this. I love that we can easily switch to reviewing any single topic and that the races are short."
Sally Fisher, Homeschooling parent, Homer, AK

"We received and installed the program on Saturday and he has been using it daily (and cheerfully!) since then. Thank you for making such an attention-holding educational product!"
Alan Chidester, Homeschooling parent, Torrington, CT

"My son loves it.... He's having a great time."
Randy Lindvall, Homeschooling parent, Gridley, CA

"I've never seen kids take to a program like this.... I was totally impressed.... They flipped out.... They were jumping up and down and yelling and screaming.... It opened some doors for some of these kids who were totally bored with math.... The enthusiasm is catching."
Dr. Monica Gaddis, Parent, Yorktown, IN

"It's a truly wonderful program. My kids really love it [Laurie and her son were at a Christian Home Educators Conference. Her son discovered it and said, "Mom, you have to look at this."] My son is car-crazy and my daughter is horse-crazy.... It's a program that works for both of them."
Laurie Buchanan, Homeschooling parent, Nuevo, CA

"They loved it.... They played it for hours."
Karma Threet, Parent, Midland, MI

"My children love this program.... One child hates math but he loves this."
Lynn Franklin, Parent, Gulfport, MS

"My kids beg to play!... My eleven year old thinks this program is a reward for finishing her homework!" Dr. Kathleen D. Daniel, Parent, San Antonio, TX

"It's wonderful. It can work with my seven year old...and my twelve year old. It's great for practice." Polly Bessette, Homeschooling parent, Roanoke, VA

“This is an absolutely wonderful program…. This is the one program we just love and continue using as he gets older…. for all ages.”
Claudia Bessette, Homeschooling parent, Roanoke, VA

"[The] kids love it. It's just great.... It makes the practice so easy."
Betsy Walker, Homeschooling parent, Huntsville, AL

"It's a really great math drill program. I really need this."
Phyllis Staples, Homeschooling grandparent, Howell, NJ

"It's just wonderful. It's a great program.... It's very versatile."
Lisa Gersha, Homeschooling parent, Biose, ID

"My daughter has used it. It's the one piece I feel I can't live without. It's wonderful."
Eva Egan, Homeschooling parent, Stevensville, MI

"It's a great time saving product.... especially for me as a mom for the multiple ages I'm teaching simultaneously. It drills them on what they need to know.... They don't have to wade through a lot of other stuff to get to [the math].... Thanks for putting together a great product."
Dorothy Hughes, Homeschooling parent, McAiry, MD

"The kids love it. They fight over who gets to go next. They're really excited about it.. I'm thrilled." Patty Quinn, Homeschooling parent, Orlando, FL

"I like the idea of the children racing against themselves.... We love your software.... very well done." Nancy McComb, Homeschooling parent, Wartburg, TN

"We love it.... It is a wonderful program."
Roberta Tullis, Parent, Pendleton, OR

"It's awesome.... It's better than flash cards."
Kathy Esack, Homeschooling parent, Alden, NY

"My girls love it. It's the best math drill I've ever used."
Diana Hassani, Homeschooling parent, Ozark, MO

"My son just loves it."
Wendy Blomquist, Newbury Park, CA

"I tell everyone about this program."
Natasha Samarin, Homeschooling parent, Whittier, CA

"You get so much material covered in such a short time... It's great."
Elizabeth Kuhn, Homeschooling parent, Waukesha, WI

"I really, really love it... It's awesome. It has really benefited them."
Ann Jetmore, Homeschooling parent, Shelby, MT

"We love the software... It really has been very valuable."
Leila Stagg, Homeschooling parent, San Antonio, TX

"We sing your praises to those that teach math which is everyone we know."
Mary Seller, Homeschooling parent, Xenia, OH

"It's just wonderful... We're sold on it."
Deborah Davis, Homeshooling parent, Talahassee, FL

“The girls thank this is pretty slick.”
Lisa Hager, Homeschooling parent, Witchita, KY

“This was at the top of my son’s Christmas list…. He loves it…. You [have] a fabulous product…. He actually asks to stay after school and go to school early so he can [use it.]”
Carolyn Hurtz, Parent, Monument, CO

“I love that you compete with yourself. It’s a great program.”
Tim Johnson, Parent, Simi Valley, CA

“We love the Quarter Mile program. Thank you so much! 5 of my children use it to hone their drill facts. They sometimes play it with friends, as a special treat!”
Laura Chastain, Homeschooling parent, APO, AP

“My kids love it…. The Quarter Mile Math game, she loves.”
Marlys Cima, Homeschooling parent, Fairview Heights, IL

“My kids do it every day…. It’s been a great program for drilling.”
Jackie Cornell, Homeschooling parent, Boise, ID

“It has really helped all of my kids…. All of their math skills have definitely improved.”
Amy Smith, Homeschooling parent, Holdrege, NB

“I love the program…. I’m a happy customer. We appreciate you helping our kids.” Sherri Buschman, Homeschooling parent, Waka, TX

“I love the program.”
Tina Springer, Homeschooling parent, Portland, OR

“We love this program. We’ve used it with all our children…. Thank you for a great product.”
Amy Lacky, Homeschooling parent, Cleveland, TN

“The kids love it. It has really helped them get their facts down. It’s really worth it.”
Cheryl Wiley, Homeschooling parent, Bismarck, ND

“This program is fantastic.”
Corrie Smagola, Parent, Brecksville, OH

“We love it.”
John Bietel, Homeschooling parent, Rochester, MN

“The kids love it.”
Sarah Rawlings, Homeschooling parent, Glen Allen, VA

“The program is so easy to navigate…. Thank you for a wonderful product.”
Laura Richardson, Homeschooling parent

“We love the program.”
Brenda Matyis, Homeschooling parent, Austin, TX

“It’s a wonderful program…. My kids really love it…. They don’t realize they’re learning.”
Luann Gallagher, Parent, Little Rock, CA

“My kids love this…. They’ve been lined up to play it all day.”
Tony Elliott, Homeschooling parent, Hawley, TX

“My son loves it…. It has been the best thing we’ve found to get him to do the math…. A great motivator.”
Kurt Strouse, Homeschooling parent, Santa Rosa, CA

“She loves it.”
Rick McFadden, Homeschooling parent, Castle Rock, CO

“Wow! I just want to say how incredibly impressed I am with your company’s level of customer service! If only more companies could be as caring toward their customers as yours is. Thank you! It has been a pleasure doing business with you! God bless.”
Shelly Harris, Homeschooling parent

“We love it.”
Susan Johnson, Homeschooling parent, Valley Center, CA

“The kids love it…. They like playing it a lot…. We love your program because our kids have fun learning math.”
Kelby Bailey, Homeschooling parent, Chanhassen, MN

“My children love it.”
Sharon Sygo, Homeschooling parent, Arcadia, CA

“We love the program…. This has been phenomenal for… integer practice [and] introduction to algebra.”
Susanne Buie, Homeschooling parent, Fair Grove, MO

“This is some kind of program. It’s excellent…. It’s just such wonderful software…. I didn’t expect it to be this good.”
Celena Young, Homeschooling parent

“After trying out the sample CD, the kids are looking forward eagerly to begin using the full program. As a teacher and parent, I am encouraged that I now have a fun and effective way to drill the kids on all those important math topics. Thanks so much for this helpful program. It will now be scheduled as a regular part of our classroom activities.”
Douglas Kottner, Homeschooling parent, Thailand

“My kids love it. They think it’s wonderful.”
Amy Albright, Homeschooling parent, Baldwin, KS

“They’re lovin’ it.”
David Blasdell, Homeschooling parent, Leesburg, VA

“I love it…. It has helped so much.”
Tracy Summerville, Homeschooling parent

“I absolutely love your program…. I’ve told many, many people.”
Greg Ludwig, Homeschooling parent, Lancaster County, PA

“It’s a great product.”
Jane Corneko, Homeschooling parent, Reidsville, NC

“My kids absolutely love it…. I have four [children]…. They fight over who will go next…. They can’t wait for it to be their turn…. We’re very thrilled with it…. I appreciate you guys coming up with that.” Deborah Smith, Homeschooling parent, Menomenee, WI

“We love it. It’s wonderful.”
Lori Schvaneveldt, Homeschooling parent, Taylors, SC

“They love it.”
Jeff Westergreen, Homeschooling parent, Augusta, GA

“This is a huge timesaver for me.”
Kathy Carron, Homeschooling parent, Perryville, MO

“This program is amazing…. I’m really, really, really, pleased with this program.”
Donna Martel, Homeschooling parent, San Diego, CA

“It’s a wonderful program.”
Lucy Shingle, Homeschooling parent, Wearton, WV

“The kids love it.”
Melinda Matthews, Homeschooling parent, Elmendorf AFB, AK

“He loves it.”
Holly Donaldson, Parent, Phoenix, AZ

“They love it.”
Judy Klein, Homeschooling parent, Pewano, MI

“We love it.”
Peggy Owens, Homeschooling parent, Simi Valley, CA

“We love the program…. It has worked really, really well.”
Zip Casadaban, Homeschooling parent, Kenner, LA

“It’s such a wonderful program…. We love the program.”
Jean Hartung, Homeschooling parent, South Lake Tahoe, CA

“We love this.”
Julie Pedersen, Homeschooling parent, Worcester, MA

“I’ve told lots of people about you guys.”
Julie Meis, Homeschooling parent, Franktown, CO

“We love it.”
Karen Chavez, Homeschooling parent, Fullerton, CA

“That has been the best.”
Janice McElwain, Homeschooling parent, Acworth, GA

“The kids love it.”
Lori Escobar, Homeschooling parent, Bronston, KY

"I love the program. It works so well."
Sunny Olfert, Homeschooling parent, Milwaukie, OR

"I love the Quarter Mile."
Barbara Daisher, Homeschooling parent, Akron, OH

"We love it... It's a blast."
James Sellers, Homeschooling parent, Xenia, OH

"We love it. We use it all the time."
Kathy Smith, Homeschooling parent, Delton, MI

"I love the program."
Fran Lott, Homeschooling parent, Valley Lee, MD

"We love this program."
Tanya Davis, Homeschooling parent, Kenniwick, WA

"We love the Quarter Mile."
Jenni Speed, Homeschooling parent, Pilot Mountain, NC

"My kids love this."
Sherrie Green, Homeschooling parent, La Habre, CA

"We just love it, love it, love it."
Carrie Chrisco, Homeschooling parent, Gulf Breeze, FL

"The kids absolutely love it.... they're learning a lot from it. They can't wait to play it. We really love it."
C.S., Homeschooling parent, Beverly Hills, MI

"They just love it.... We love that they're getting faster and faster with their facts. I wish we'd found it sooner.... It really is the neatest thing."
Sydney Painter, Chickasha, OK

"It's just wonderful software. I just love it.... When they go through this, they absolutely know their math facts."
Karen Chapin, Homeschooling parent, Purling, NY

"My kids love it."
Jennifer McQuade, Homeschooling parent, Berlin, NJ

"My children love it."
Barbara Kulkowski, Homeschooling parent, Johnson City, TN

"We love the software."
Martha Stewart, Homeschooling parent, Indialantic, FL

"We love this program.... It's wonderful.... We just think it's super."
Tari Zimmerman, Homeschooling parent, Grays River, WA

"We love the program."
Regina Long, Homeschooling parent, Tulsa, OK

"We love it.... Even our four-year-old can use it.... It becomes the evening entertainment."
Kelly Wilhelm, Homeschooling parent, Jacob, IL

"My six-year-old just loves it. I was surprised she liked it because she didn't like flash cards"
Madonna Hunt, Homeschooling parent, Sewickley, PA

"This is more fun than any other learning experience we've ever had.... We're enjoying it more than we ever imagined."
Randy Atcheson, Homeschooling parent, Northfield, MN

"The kids loved this.... It's made their three weeks. [The] kids have been totally thrilled.
Cynthia Reinagel, Homeschooling parent, San Leandro, CA

“You did more for my son than any other piece of software.”
Vicki Sharp, Parent, Camarillo, CA